For a few years now, I have been haunted by the guilt that I may have hurt someone's feelings.
No, I did not do anything drastic, neither does this involve a heartbreak of any kind.
It was words.
I said something that I instantly regretted. Ok not instantly.
But I regretted it nonetheless.
This was in highschool. This someone wasnt completely innocent then either.
But still as the years have gone on, and as I haven't seen or spoken to her in almost ten years,
I have always considered apologizing if or when I run into her.
Because you know, it is inevitable that I will run into her.
But, I never imagined that she would read my blog.
Or that I would read hers.
An interesting turn of events, no?
I want to apologize to her,
but I don't know if she still holds a grudge against me.
Hell I dont if she even remembers me.
I also have to say, I am a little scared as to how she might take it.
Cause you see, she has every right to insult me and dismiss me.
What I said was horrible.
I am hoping that after ten years, she will have forgotten? Maybe even forgiven me?
Or who knows, maybe she wasn't even hurt at all!
Yes I know, selfish.

But what do you think?
Should I go ahead?
And apologize?
Out of the blue?
How would you take it?


P.S. SHE *arrogant stare* Would you like the shoes? Afterall I did pick your number.

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On April 26, 2010 at 7:56 PM , neefemi said...

I think you should apologize....what does it hurt? it doesn't take anything from you & even if she insults you and all that jazz, you have done your part and done what is right....have a good week

On April 26, 2010 at 10:54 PM , Jaycee said...

Awww Fabulola...

For this to still be in your memory after so many years, it may be something you just need to ask for forgiveness for. You've got nothing to lose actually :)

On April 26, 2010 at 11:24 PM , TayneMent said...

Someone apologized to me for something hurtful they said to me many years ago in high school. I had totally forgotten about it, the apology only reminded me of the incident and other things in that vein I had managed to forget about. All situations are different but sometimes in an effort to assuage our guilt we hurt others unintentionally. I don't know what the right thing to do is.

On April 27, 2010 at 1:04 AM , Lady X said...

Fabs I think it's pretty amazing that you still remember that you wronged her. I know I wouldn't. Ten years is a very long time. I hope she does forgive you.
To Fab's friend (if she's reading this): If someone ever wronged me and actually remembered ten years later and apologized on their blog for it I would so forgive them.

On April 27, 2010 at 2:00 AM , lani said...

It's been a really long time. I expect she would have forgotten about it, so don't beat yourself up, it would really hurt.
You can apologise when you see her...if you see her

On April 27, 2010 at 3:19 AM , SHE said...

If it makes you feel better to apologise, then by all means, do so.
Why do I sense an interesting story behind all of this...?

Oh! The shoes...I could take them, If you asked me nicely. You did say there's a Kehinde too?

On April 27, 2010 at 4:44 AM , The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Think you should apologize, there is no harm there and she just might have forgotten after all these years. Ten years is too long to hold a grudge.

On April 27, 2010 at 6:19 AM , BBB said...

i think you should apologise
she will definitely see you a s better person , that you still took pains to apologise after all this time

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take care love

On April 27, 2010 at 9:41 AM , Nutty J. said...

Ha ha ha...see conscience!! apologize so u can rest easy. and if she says 'fcuk off'' trust us that we'll be here to wipe ur tears of shame...

apologise u hear? kpele

On April 27, 2010 at 10:12 AM , shorty said...

If apologizing would make you feel better then do it whenever you get to see her,i'm sure she would forgive you even for the sake of you remembering after 10 years.

On April 27, 2010 at 4:52 PM , Fragilelooks said...

if it makes u feel bera. dn appologise.

On April 27, 2010 at 5:03 PM , Myne Whitman said...

I think you should go ahead and apologize, get the load off.

On April 27, 2010 at 5:57 PM , bob-ij said...

I confess, I'm a pretty proud person so if this was 10 years ago, I probably won't have apologized! But If I think about it long enough I do! And if you're thinking about it 10 YEARS LATER.... then hun! Yeah, you should's a good idea!



On April 27, 2010 at 8:12 PM , Miss FlyHigh said...

10 Years later and it's still on your mind ..anyways I think your conscience has already told you what to do ... you know what I would say anyways lol

On April 28, 2010 at 7:15 AM , Sugarking said...

You should apologize babes, if for anything, at least the feeling! that Breath taking, light hearted, stinging euphoria, especially when you both pour ur heart out and laugh over it. Trust me, u might just even make urself a pal for life.

On April 28, 2010 at 8:44 AM , omotee said...

its still on ur mind 10 years on, i say apologise. there'll be some relief. true the person may not even remember but it accords u lots of respect and makes u a good person.
so, NIKE, just do it

On April 28, 2010 at 6:24 PM , Miss Natural said...

definitely it never matters who says sorry first. its easier said than done, i hate but you should sha

On April 29, 2010 at 4:59 PM , T.Notes said...

I'm with TYNEMENT. This person has probabaly forgotten about the incident. Bring it up now n u might end up with cold ice down your blouse, or worse,a proper chic smack down!
*evil snicker* "Eh eh, so it was you who did da da da...bring it on nowww!"

On April 30, 2010 at 12:24 PM , David.фаворит Бога номер-один said... are talking about how you
called me this and that abi?
and how you went on to say that
(*@)(&*@)($&#@*^%...that's fine!
10years is a long time for the wounds
to heal but if it makes you feel
better, go ahead!
it wouldn't hurt to apologize...

On April 30, 2010 at 11:28 PM , FloyKnop said...

Hello~Nice to meet you~..................................................

On May 1, 2010 at 5:48 AM , doug said...

Hey! Apologize. Its like taking out the trash. And make a point of not taking it to heart if your apology isn't accepted. Something like 'I'm taking out the trash. I'd like for you to help me take it out, but if you'd rather dump it in YOUR house, that's up to you.' Lol. Then you shrug casually, an 'catwalk' **wink** away. :)

PS - The poem about choosing between two excruciating fates...was that real? And was that you?

On May 1, 2010 at 6:53 AM , blogoratti said...

Yeah it wouldn't hurt to apologize...never too late!
How are you?

On May 2, 2010 at 4:26 PM , RepressedOne said...

...go ahead and apologize! If nothing else it will clear your conscience [selfish as that might be, lol]. Don't expect to kiss and make up and you'll be alright.

On June 11, 2011 at 6:52 PM , Cevdet Bey ve Oğulları said...

You should apologize babes, if for anything, at least the feeling! that Breath taking, light hearted, stinging euphoria, especially when you both pour ur heart out and laugh over it. Trust me, u might just even make urself a pal for life.